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Melt Into You - Roni Loren 3.5 Stars

I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first novel (or the third), but what saved this a star or two was Andre and the depiction of a Triad. I tried to sympathize with Evan more as she had a very heavy past, but I wanted her to fight for the life/relationships she wanted instead of walking away. My favorite was suave and perpetually honest (as well as no-filter) Andre. He always said what he was thinking. There wasn't a moment when I was pulling my hair thinking, 'Why would you do that?' which I had plenty of with Evan and Jace. The author did a wonderful job of depicting a working Triad, and didn't pull the romance-lite version with as Andre so colorfully put, 'Dick no. 2.' Andre isn't a third wheel, he's an equal part of the relationship, and that felt very true to who the three of them wanted to be together.

My qualm: The resolution at the end. We don't get to see Evan work through anything. It's just two months later. I guess, since it is a romance novel, that yes, we readers are here for the romance aspect, not life aspect. It felt too neat, however. That ending scene--yowsa!!