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Games of Command - Linnea Sinclair It took awhile to get going and for me to actually be invested in the characters. I admittedly skimmed some paragraphs in the 1/3 of the book, something I loathe doing, but I wanted to give this book a fair shot (and not give up on it). Eventually it did pick up and the 2/3rd I actually highly enjoyed even when it got overly technical on the Sci-Fi element, the aspects of which I didn't fully buy into. Too many made up words that weren't properly fleshed out when they were mentioned the first or second time. I enjoyed Sass, although I was a bit judgmental of her in the beginning. I was overly annoyed by her "Don't love me, but let's have sex" attitude because she was worried about her past being uncovered. I had to rationalize that a bit and then after some perspective-thinking from her side, I became more sympathetic, but it wasn't a natural progression. It was a forced 'walk-a-mile-in-her-shoes' moment.

As a 'cybe, I thought I would enjoy Kel-Paten more. I have a preference for the stoics, and when reading the synopsis thought, "Perfect!" Plus there are so many sparkling reviews that I knew this would be a book up my alley. Unfortunately, for the supposed-to-be-emotionless Biocybe (except for legitimate anger), he was actually really emotional. Like all over the place emotional. He was up, and down, and sideways with his angst-ing, and his should-I-or-shouldn't-I questioning. And the letters. That was the part I had to skip. I like sweet, tender moments, but those letters Sass finds, felt like overly-saccharine overshares. I was almost embarrassed to read them because they didn't feel like heartfelt musings from an adult male (and there are some fantastic manuscripts from politicians and poets over the centuries that are incredibly moving). They felt like school boy confessions, unpolished and desperate. I know I shouldn't apologize. This is a review, after all, based on feelings. However, to those who enjoyed the letters, I'm sorry, but they just weren't my cup of tea. I came away cringing at that point.

On that note, Sass and Kel-Paten were the positives in this novel. On the contrary side, Eden and Serafino were the distraction for me. I didn't like them together at all. Every time I got to the parts where their ongoings were described, I wanted to skip ahead. (I did twice when they were captured later on and were Scooby-Do-deducing the bad guys' plot. Also, Serafino...ugh, Serafino was so damn obnoxious that I grew tired of reading about him, whereas his counterpart, Eden, actually captured my attention. I liked her. Career-driven, intelligent, and careful in most aspects, she was a worthy female. Although, how she didn't come up with a better plan than 'Only I know the codes, so I perform the surgery on Serafino' was so head/desk-worthy. Come on! That's asking for torture from the bad guys. You always lose on that end. Hardened war veterans lose on that end, and they are trained! To me, mild-mannered doctors do not make the cut on 'I love you so much, I'll withstand torture for you.' Ahem, no you won't. I expected a better plan from the doctor, honestly.

Normally, I don't like writing reviews that leave a sour taste in your mouth as a reader, but truthfully, I believe that if I cared enough about reading a novel to relate the negative aspects, and still give it a solid 3 Stars, it means that the positives outweighed the negatives. There are some flaws, as with any novel, but I'd recommend this to romance lovers who don't mind a tad bit of Sci-Fi informative writing, and with males who occasionally (sometimes more than that) get on your nerves.