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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna Loved the book, hate the title.

In a short 120 or so pages, Laurel and Flynn became more alive than other romantic leads given 400 pages (which seems to be the new (to me?) standard novel length these days.

They were so incredibly dynamic in the short amount of screen time they were given and I loved every moment. It was incredibly sexy, and smart, and the characters didn't cave to the usual misunderstandings/non-communication that I'm used to. So refreshing.

Another major plus was the balance of humor added to sometimes brutal honesty and then sexiness. What a winning combination.

And Laurel is funny. I especially enjoy a lead gal with a great sense of humor who actually tells funny jokes, not just laughs at them, such as:

"Silence, please? I'm trying to watch this documentary." Laurel nodded at The Bachelor. "I believe one of the females is about to present to the alpha."

This is only shy a full five-star review because I wanted the novel to be longer to explore the depth of these characters.