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Warm Bodies - Isaac Marion Warm Bodies caught me completely off-guard. The writing is lyrical and unimaginably beautiful given the strange and sometimes tough concept of rooting for a zombie and human together. I'm entirely surprised and pleased that I stumbled across this novel and just flat out loved it. I'm in no way a zombie fan. I watch the movies, they freak me out. I watch the Walking Dead and I flinch, and in comparison, the zombies of Warm Bodies have more compassion, humanity and a better developed moral-compass than the humans on the Walking Dead. That's what I loved so much about this. That, and of course, R and Julie.

R is just...so human. He's sheepish and thoughtful, quirky and fun, witty and brainy and more. He was so fully realized, and original.

The book has some adult concepts. It doesn't flinch from violence, sex and existential problems.

It was unapologetic, and I loved every zombie moment of it.