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And All the Stars - Andrea K. Höst I'm unabashedly an Andrea K. Höst fan. I need a little time to digest this novel, re-read some areas and pontificate on the length of time I can manage without another dose of her writing.

I'll bullet point the strengths which are usual per Host's novels:

-Relatable leads
-Crush-worthy love interests
-Amazing secondary cast
-Dynamic & well-rounded
-Focuses on friendships, and handles the romance with a light hand rather than cramming it down your throat per YA's usual fare.
-A plot that makes you say: what the hell is going on here, and where are we going?
-The story catches you off-guard. It's a rarity these days to be surprised by novels for me, and it was a pleasant juxtaposition to the other ones I've read this year.

More to come.