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Blameless - Gail Carriger I liked this book. Not quite as much as the previous novel, but equally as much as the first. I know that this series is a bit lighter rather than dark, depressing and overly-serious, but I was looking for some hard-won resolution between Alexia and Conall. Not just a printed apology (thus restoring her reputation) & a plethora of gifts. It was just too easy.

Alexia is written throughout the novels as impossibly practical & maybe that's why she knew as soon he printed the apology that all would be forgiven as she knew what his response would be.

But after all the horrible names he called her (that we didn't get to see/hear) at the end of Book 2, I wanted a lot more groveling than that. I wanted Alexia to be the stubborn girl we knew and really feel that pain--and then I was reminded that this isn't a heavy series (emotional-wise) and that all that drama would be out of place. (However, that didn't stop me from wanting The Drama.) Definitely moving on to the next one.