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Onyx  - Jennifer L. Armentrout Will get back to this and give stars once I've gathered my thoughts.

I'll start with this. For a character I had liked so much in the first book, I am still reeling from how much I loathed Katy in this one.

That said, Daemon felt dumbed down with his whole aggression issues overtaking his brain cells, which really irked me as he's supposed to be far more mature and developed mentally/possibly emotionally (e.g., his words: College by 10 years old, etc.).

By the end, I still loved Dee. Enormously. Dee, who gets screwed over far more than anyone else because people don't realize the power of communication. What is that infantile saying everyone learns: sharing is caring? Share the information people!

In novels, my ultimate pet peeve is when a character (or multiple characters) decide to withhold information and keep secrets because they know what's better for everyone else, apparently. How about letting the secondary characters, a.k.a your love interest and your best friend show some agency of their own?

It seems to belittle the trust between characters that they had clearly established only to be hand-waved away for simple convenience as a way to manipulate the story.

And yes, I will be reading the next book to see if the idiocy is stamped out because I still love this series...even with the staggering amounts of TSTL which I thought we would escape with Armentrout's typically smart plotting and writing.

More to come.