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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Pardon the language.

Daemon Black is an ass-hat. A hot, protective, mouthy, verbally abusive, manipulative, loving ass-hat.

I'm going to knock it out right off the bat. Many critics biggest contentions with women (and some men) lusting after a rude, jerk of a guy is normally rightfully lambasted. I hate to be the bearer of bad news (and some of you are right there with me), nobody is perfect. And it's entirely possible to fall in love with a jerk. I've done it. Look at your friends, mull through all their relationships, and see if you can't pick out some qualities of their boyfriends/girlfriends that just irked you the wrong way. It doesn't have to be personality, it can be frugal spending habits, a large bank account, or a dumpy pick-up truck that has a rusty, flaking paint job. It's life.

Unlike many other (traumatic) YA-Heroines, Katy doesn't take Daemon's jerk-off-ery laying down. She serves it right back. She's got gumption! She doesn't wilt (until safely in her car for a little self-pity--who hasn't been there?). Their fights are colossal. Their desire for each other matches it. I love people who carry a passion in them, and Daemon and Katy are the standard-bearers.

Humans aren't perfect, and these aliens certainly aren't. What Katy and Daemon most definitely have in common is that they are passionate. Katy loves books, loves gardening, loves her before-father's-death mother, and her post-father's-death Mother even harder. She even admits to missing the woman as though she's no longer there.

Katy gets irritated when she doesn't post blogs on time, and her emotions fly high when even one person leaves a glowing comment. That's depth. Those are little details that polish a character, so that we, the reader, can define them.

And Daemon. He loves a fight, loves a great verbal-spar, and loves his sister Dee dearly. Frighteningly, scarily so. His protection of Dee is otherworldly. Appropriate, no?

But you get it, I love the characters, I love their interaction.

As for writing, I find Jennifer Armentrout's pacing perfect. It matches the tone, and type of story very well. It's not flowery, it's straight-forward, and with the leading characters you have, it's just right.

It's prosaic, but not in a bad way.

Admittedly, I liked Dee. Liked her more than I've seen reflected in other reviews, which is understandable. She sweet, almost too saccharine, but in a way I could appreciate. And underneath it, she's got fire. She doesn't back away from Katy when Daemon warns the both of them off. It's heartening to see a character who is nice, and simply sweet, say no, and mean it. Which Dee does to Daemon. I love it. Spoiler? It makes me wonder what the third of their trifecta, Dawson, was like. When you have to defined characters, Dee-pure honey, and Daemon--sarcastic, how is that rounded out?

The storyline was more character-based than plot-based. The plot was really used to move the character's around instead of having a story-path written out for them. But that is my cup of tea. Occasionally, there was a bad guy here, bad guy there, but it was mostly about Daemon and Katy coming together, and overcoming their, at first, visceral dislike of each other.

Five stars, Armentrout, five stars.

I'll meet you at the sequel.