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Singing the Dogstar Blues - Alison  Goodman Quick, easy read. The secrets don't take too much guesswork, but the most charming part was the loveable, if overly touchy-feely/sneezy (emotionally) alien. I enjoyed Joss, her sass and drinking habits, but I would have liked faster pacing where the end was actually the middle of the story and we could have seen Mav and Joss develop a bit more independently, and then as a team, or more appropriately, a pair.

My biggest issue was that I couldn't visualize Mav at all. I was told what specific body parts he possessed, but I would have like to know how his noses, mouths and thumbs were arranged. That bit left me feeling a bit distracted.

I'll definitely be back to read Goodman's other reads to see how she's matured as a writer.