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Break Her - B.G. Harlen Please see Bec's Review.

This is not for the light-hearted. Do not confuse this with romance, erotica or anything similar.

This novel consists of dark content [rape, torture], and is a psychological (as well as physical) thriller for the lead heroine, if that could be considered an appropriate term.

If you can get past the emotional and physical trauma (along with the descriptions), this is a well-written thinker of a novel with sharp dialogue and high-IQ leads. They just never stop trying to outwit each other and I think that is what I appreciated in this novel most of all.

Some people will honestly, and understandably, be conflicted about even reading this novel as it discusses, in frank detail, the atrocities rape victims go through. I'd recommend it to those who firmly believe they can stomach the abovementioned horrors.

Some reviewers mentioned a disappointment with the ending, but I have to say, as one empowered female to another, the lead, I was nearly shit-eating-grin-pleased when she laid him out, first psychologically ['hold me'] and then physically [the knife to the carotid]. I'm not sure I would have liked this novel as much had it ended any other way. He's not a redeeming character and to string this along to another novel (a la Hannibal Lecter) and romanticize him in some way would have been offensive to the novel's core and to the leads' true character.